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I am the owner of IronRealms

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19 days ago
Hiring a Frontend Web Developer

Position closed; thanks everyone who reached out. :)

21 days ago
op help

Hello Soulless7259, no need to apologize.


I'm very sorry for the inconvenience. Hopefully the issue will be fixed soon!


~ Thread Locked

22 days ago
Hiring a Frontend Web Developer

We are hiring a frontend web developer to create an index page for our website (like



- At least 16, since no contract is required

- Having experience in CSS, HTML, and JS

- A quick worker & team player



- Create a responsive index/portal page for the IronRealms website with live player count

- Take into consideration notes from the Admin Team when building it



- Stick around for future potential projects



If you're interested in this position, just message me on Discord at Filr#4200. Please send your CV/resume/examples of your work. Thank you, I look forward to speaking with you! :)


22 days ago
The Ranks of IronRealms

Hi, this is a quick post (primarily for users interested in the staff process) of the ranks on IronRealms, and their responsibilities.



Administrators are the developers and directors of IronRealms. To be more specific, this position includes:

  1. Owner of IronRealms
    1. Responsible for overall operations of IronRealms
  2. Co-Owner of IronRealms
    1. Responsible for overall operations of IronRealms, specifically in management
  3. Developers
    1. Responsible for maintaining IronRealms


Managers manage the Community, Bug Reports, Suggestions, Plugin Updates, and Staff Team within IronRealms collectively. They are responsible for policy changes, staff promotions, demotions, changes to the application process, network rules, etc.



Senior Moderators manage specific aspects of the network. They are promoted/demoted by the Managers and their position is determined by them, and still have the same responsibilities as moderators.



Moderators do the bulk of moderation on the network. They are responsible for providing support and enforcing rules.



Support members are new staff members who are very experienced on IronRealms. They provide support to users and do minor moderation.

23 days ago
Getting Started

Welcome to IronRealms! I'm sure you're excited to start your server, so we've written up this guide for ya!


Step 1: Register Your Account

Since we allow non-premium Minecraft accounts to connect to our network and host their own free servers, all users are required to authenticate by registering & logging into their account, whether they themselves are a premium account or not. You can do this by typing /register (password), then typing /login (password)We do not recommend using the same password as your Minecraft account (if applicable).


Step 2: Create Your Server

The first step, of course, is to create your server! It's very simple to do this. All you have to do is type the command /ps, which will automatically begin generating your server.


Step 3: Join Your Server

Now, you need to join your server! To do this, type /server (your username) and you will connect. So, since my username is filr, I would type /server filr. If you rename your server with /ps rename, you will need to use that name.


Step 4: Customize Your Server

Now that you are on your server, you need to customize it! You can do this by typing /menu, which will open all the options for customization, including Statistics, MOTD, Player Slots, and of course, Plugins.


And that's it! Now you can create, join, and customize your server. Let us know if you require any further assistance on our Discord!