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IronRealms Rules
Last Updated: 9/26/21

Thanks for taking the time to review our rules. We put these rules into place to make IronRealms a better place for everyone. We appreciate your cooperation in following these rules.
By using IronRealms you agree to our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Rules listed below. Failure to comply can result in action up to termination of service and restriction to access services.
None of the rules listed below apply to Player Servers, unless otherwise stated. You should still try to follow them everywhere.

Player Server Rules - These rules explicitly apply to player servers.
Use appropriate server names and MOTDs.

This includes your username. If a server has an inappropriate name, it will be permanently deleted from our system.

Punishment Track: Warning -> Server Deletion

Do Not Use Bots.

You are not allowed to use bots to raise your player count or use them to advertise on the lobby.

Punishment Track: Warning -> Server Deletion & Permanent Ban

Do Not Advertise.

Do not use IronRealms servers as a way to redirect them to other places. For example, you cannot use your IronRealms server to send people to a server you use Apex Hosting for, or the like.

Punishment Track: Warning -> Server Deletion & Permanent Ban

Do not use inappropriate content on your server.

We try to be lenient with content on player servers, however, having any content on your server that contains hate symbols/speech, nudity/pornography, or otherwise inappropriate content, is not permitted.
This does NOT apply to whitelisted servers.

Punishment Track: Warning -> 1 month server termination & 1 month ban -> Server Deletion & Permanent Ban

Global Rules - These rules apply to all platforms of IronRealms.
Do Not Excessively Swear.

While we do allow swearing on our platforms, we only allow it in moderation and use a chat filter for a reason. Frequent swearing, using swearing to put down others, or cause a generally negative environment, is prohibited.
(See "Do Not Be Toxic")

Punishment Track: 5 hour mute -> 1 day mute -> 1 week mute

Do Not Threaten Users.

Threatening any users, or IronRealms as a whole, will not be tolerated.

Punishment Track: Permanent Ban

Do not post NSFW Content.

Posting inappropriate content on our platforms is not permitted.

Punishment Track: 6 hour mute -> 3 day mute -> Permanent Mute

Do not harass any user or staff member.

When someone says to leave them alone or stop doing something, stop doing it.

Punishment Track: 6 hour ban -> 3 day ban -> Permanent Ban

No External Advertisements.

As mentioned in the player server rules, you are not allowed to advertise non-IronRealms content.

Punishment Track: 1 month mute -> 3 month ban -> Permanent Ban

No hate speech.

Hate speech or symbols, racial slurs, discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender, sex, identity, pronouns, religion, political affiliation, or race, is not permitted.

Punishment Track: Permanent Ban

Data Collection

Data collection is permitted, however, selling any data collected on IronRealms is not permitted.

Punishment Track: Permanent Ban, potential legal action

Do Not Be Toxic.

Being toxic and creating a negative environment is not fun and not permitted.

Punishment Track: 7 day mute -> 1 month mute -> Permanent mute

Do Not Impersonate Staff.

Impersonating any IronRealms staff member or official is not permitted.

Punishment Track: 1 month mute -> Permanent mute

Lobby Rules - These rules apply to the IronRealms lobby.
Do Not Use Hacks.

While we do not enforce hacks on player servers, we ask that you do not use any kind of hacks on our lobby.

Punishment Track: Warning -> Kick -> 1 day ban -> 30 day ban -> Permanent Ban

Do Not Boost.

Using alternate accounts to boost your server (with /ad or /vote) is not permitted.

Punishment Track: 1 week ban -> 30 day ban -> Permanent Ban

Discord Rules - These rules apply to the IronRealms Discord.
English Characters

Your discord name (or nickname) must contain English characters (it's not that hard). This allows moderators to ping you easily if they should ever need to.

Punishment Track: Forced Nickname Change -> Kick -> Permanent Ban

You must have an appropriate profile.

Please ensure that nothing on your discord profile can be deemed discriminatory or offensive. This includes status, profile picture/banner and about me page.

Punishment Track: Warning -> Kick -> Permanent Ban


Any advertisement of competitor services or other Minecraft servers is not allowed.

Punishment Track: Permanent Ban

Discord TOS

You must follow Discord's Terms of Service at all times. 

Punishment Track: Permanent Ban, Report to Discord

Be on topic.

Use our Discord channels for their intended purpose. Follow the channel descriptions.

Punishment Track: Warning -> Kick -> Permanent Ban

Be Courteous.

When in voice channels, do not use voice changers, and be aware of your background noise. Save some ears.

Punishment Track: Warning -> Kick -> Server Mute